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About Level Up English – Who is Ashley Hale?

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”

Benjamin Franklin

Let’s start with the basics: I am from South Africa where English is our NATIVE language, making me a native English speaker. I am a wife to an amazing husband and a mom to a sweet two year old boy. We live in the beautiful “City of Gold” known as Johannesburg.

I have studied Mechanical Engineering and I have a diploma in that field and I am currently completing my degree in Psychology. However, I have always worked as an English teacher and I have certifications in TEFL, TESOL, Business English and Teaching Young Learners.

I have been working as a private English teacher for many years now and I have various learning options available for my students: You can learn from my English courses, YouTube and Facebook English lessons.

My experience in teaching and my qualifications allow me to assist in IELTS and TOEFL preparation, teaching general English, teaching business English and finally teaching kids.

I’m so excited to share information on English with everyone that I honestly cannot record videos fast enough.

I hope this helped you to paint a picture of who I am and what my goals are for my English channel. Please be sure to follow me on Facebook and Instagram and subscribe to my YouTube channel so that we can conquer this English learning journey together!


My Qualifications

I have completed my TEFL and TESOL Certifications
Mechanical Engineer
I currently hold a Diploma in Mechanical Engineering
BA Psychology
I am currently completing my BA Degree in Psychology