English Courses

“Tell me and I’ll forget. Show me and I may remember. Involve me and I will learn” – Benjamin Franklin

This workshop has been my “baby” for many months. I’ve been adding and subtracting content from these workshops for as long as I can remember, just so that I could present you with a workshop that was completely immersive and above all, INTERESTING. I want to show you that English can be interesting and fun to learn. It is not just about learning words and grammar or having a staged conversation. It can also be fascinating and funny! I wanted to spend some time teaching you through a workshop – using the same method of teaching that I use for my corporate clients.

You’ll be quite excited to know that reading, writing, listening and speaking are all interconnected. 
If you can listen, you can speak. If you can read, you can write. If you can speak, you can read. And so on…
These are the baby steps you need as you step closer to English fluency. You can and you WILL do it! I believe in you!

Learn, practice, execute – it’s time to BRUSH UP on your English skills!


English Courses

English Courses

Get ready to learn:

• 4 Weeks of IMMERSIVE English content as you learn English around interesting and fun English topics
• Learn the importance of interacting with the language through audio, video and practice
• Practice each skill through exercises that are automatically marked and graded
• Find the skill that is your weakness and focus on different strategies to turn that weakness into a strength!
• This 4 week course focuses on a different language skill every week
• The entire English course is mobile friendly so you can do the entire workshop (and exercises!) from the convenience of your mobile phone or tablet
• Members have an option to do extra practice exercises too – I will personally mark these exercises and provide feedback on each assignment


Good feedback

Interesting workshop and work to do. I did the email activity and got valuable feedback. I need this for I do lot of email at work. Thank u Ashley

Nice vocab

I need to learn vocabulary to improve my English and this workshop taught so many good vocabulary and uses. Really good thoughts with the words

IELTS Advanced

The advanced workshop is good for anyone doing IELTS. It’s a similar testing style and good work

Thank You

It’s user friendly and lets me complete on my own time which is perfect for my busy schedule. I’m also in a good routine now, using some other resources to learn on my own like I learned in the workshop. Thank you Ashley!

Very Interesting

Interesting topics! I like the article on getting promoted in the advanced. I feel confident and I had fun

Very Good

I never thought about reading and listening being important. I just knew I want to speak good. This course showed me its all important. Very good