The importance of immersion

The Importance Of Immersion When Learning A Language

Let’s start this post by answering the question- WHAT IS THE IMPORTANCE OF IMMERSION WHEN LEARNING A NEW LANGUAGE?

Simply put, it is when most of your time is spent speaking, listening, and just living the language you are trying to learn. Immersion fast-tracks all language learning by forcing the learner to think and react in the target language.

For non-native English speakers, immersion helps your brain to function like that of a native English speaker. Immersion helps language learners to develop the brain patterns of native speakers by placing them in similar situations and environments.

Think about this- If you can improve your PRONUNCIATION and speaking skills by just observing a native English speaker, how much more would you improve through the method of language immersion?

Over the next few weeks, I am going to switch things up on my YouTube channel and provide you with English lessons using the immersion technique to really take your English skills to the next level.

In the mean time, you can start introducing the immersion method into your daily life in the following ways:
1. Listen to an English podcast for 10-20 minutes a day.
2. Watch your favourite movie or TV show… In English.
3. Watch the news in English- This is great because the vocabulary you’ll develop is advanced and you’ll learn words in context by observing the actions and events taking place, which is great!
4. Read English books- Find something interesting to you and read about it in English. Magazine articles and online news/articles/blog posts are a good place to start too.
5. Look for a course that is 100% in English. You are welcome to try out my Beginner Speaking Course available on YouTube and my website. This course also has a free workbook which will allow you to practice all that I teach you.

Check out my latest lesson where I use the immersion technique and teach you the famous story of Romeo and Juliet and explain the words, phrases, idioms and sentences used to tell the story.

I’ll see you soon with more lessons using the immersion technique!

Love Ashley